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We are the original 1/5th scale model dealers in the UK. We, with the help of our friends, started the sport of 1/5th scale racing here in the UK when it was considered unfashionable, unheard of and unlikely to succeed. We already owned a successful model business, Rossendale Models, but wanted to create a new, larger form of model car racing. We had already tried 1/4 scale but for all kinds of reasons this never took off in the UK and in fact its failure made it all the more difficult to convince the unsuspecting British public to try this new, perhaps too similar, form of large scale model sport.

But perseverance paid off and the sport of 1/5th scale model car racing is now considered successful and is growing very quickly. In the early days no governing body existed to promote or organise large scale model car racing so, together with our friends, we formed the original governing body for British large scale model cars - TOPSA. During the early days the best thing about 1/4 scale racing was the name - it tripped off the tongue beautifully, much better than 1/5th scale racing ever did! It was important to find a new name for this sport that sounded good and so we called it 'Top Scale', the thing to which all model car racers would want to aspire. So the governing body the Top Scale Association was abbreviated down to TOPSA. The name has survived and its international reputation
continues to grow. TOPSA has the best support with the largest number of drivers participating every year at its UK events. The biggest and the best British event every year is the British Grand Prix organised exclusively by TOPSA, now considered a very important international event.

Along with the growth of the sport came the growth of our business dedicated totally and exclusively to large scale matters. The business was primarily and is still FG based. We have an unparalleled knowledge of FG products from the most early models to the latest releases, something that no one can match as time already invested cannot be replaced. We aim to give genuine professional service to all 1/5th scale drivers. We have no other business interests outside of large scale models and can in no way be regarded as part-time enthusiasts.

We aim to offer the best service possible to the large scale model car enthusiast and to the model trade wishing to stock and sell the best range of large scale model products in the world. Trade or retail, we are the biggest and the best, but hopefully remain the most helpful and energetic team you could choose to work with!


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King Cobra Distribution Ltd.

3 Bank Street





Phone: +44(0)1706 250007

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