Hitec RCD was formed in 1973 with a mission to bring burgeoning technology to a worldwide audience. With a passion for modeling, we soon dedicated ourselves to developing the most innovative products and advancements in the history of radio control. From pushing the boundaries of servo engineering to creating the most advanced, reliable radio systems available for RC hobbyists and industrial users alike, Hitec RCD has established a rock-solid reputation for quality products and dedicated customer service. In 2003, our acquisition of the esteemed German-based Multiplex, combined the strengths of two respected brands to allow for extensive expansion of our product lines. Today, we offer a wide range of radio control items that will keep the beginner and professional hobbyist alike at the top of their game. After all, you trust your hobby to our brands and for that, we are dedicated to you!

In 2013, we celebrated our ten-year collaboration with Multiplex and a combined 80 years of producing world-leading RC products!
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Multiplex Rhino Servo Pro SHV Digi 4 #65154
£86.99 (£72.49 exc VAT)
Back Order.
Hitec D845WP 32-Bit, Monster Torque, Waterproof, Steel Gear Servo
£81.49 (£67.91 exc VAT)
In Stock.
Hitec D840WP 32-Bit, Multi Purpose, Waterproof, Steel Gear Servo
£81.49 (£67.91 exc VAT)
In Stock.
Hitec HS-755MG Metal Gear 1/4 Scale Servo #HS755MG
£31.99 (£26.66 exc VAT)
In Stock.