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MCD Racing XS5 Supercar MAX Pro FT-R Spec. - Rolling Chassis

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Your Price: £2,013.95 (£1,678.29 exc VAT)
MCD Racing XS5 Supercar MAX Pro FT-R Spec. - Rolling Chassis is manufactured by MCD Racing and brought to you exclusively by KCR Distribution UK
Part Number: M00537001
Availability: Back Order.
New for 2020!

FT-R, the new advanced racing spec is now available: The FT-R (Factory Team – Racing), placed between Ultimate and Pro is developed by the demands of our customers who were looking for a more affordable Ultimate version without compromising the advanced racing capabilities.

New Comparison Chart: With our enhanced Comparison Chart you can easily compare the main differences between the specs. The chart is included in the image section of each of our models page. There are 2 versions of the chart, off-road and on-road.

The XS5 MAX is designed with a 1:1 scale realism of a mid-engine supercar. We developed the XS5 Max with advanced modeling techniques. Sophistication and refinement were the main inspiration keywords while creating the body. Sculpted twisting lateral surfaces gliding from the front to the back both vertically and horizontally creating a dynamic design language. Styling features such as wide muscular fenders, low roof-line and vertical head lamps help forming a powerful stance. Besides styling works a special effort was put on the aerodynamics of the body to create a balanced down-force on the front and on the back to keep control on the ground for dynamic cornering.
  • Top of the line racing Rally-cross
  • Easy assembly/dis-assembly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Centralized and compacted parts layout on chassis
  • Elite racing design ultra-durable high performance parts
  • Fifth generation MCD chassis & suspension arms
  • Sophisticated full-time 4WD Shaft Driven mechanics
  • 3 Ball Drive Shaft
  • Easy gear mesh system
  • Easily removable one-piece electronics tray
  • CNC machined, anodized light-weight 7075 aircraft alloy chassis
  • Rigid and durable alloy wishbones
  • Solid and durable side guards
  • Easily removable alloy and composite front and rear diff houses
  • Easily removable alloy center diff carrier
  • Ultra durable front and rear adjustable brake system
  • Adjustable chassis rigidness
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Adjustable inboard toe and squat
  • Adjustable dive & anti-dive
  • Rear shock inside or outside assembly option
  • Easy engine removal
  • 5mm light-weight 7075 air craft alloy front and rear towers
  • Optimized multiple shock mounting holes
  • Coil-over extended alloy shock absorbers with High Pressurized Cell System
  • Anodized alloy shock bodies
  • Ultra hardened steel transmission gears
  • CNC machined anodized alloy engine carrier
  • Double ball bearing anti-roll bars
  • No-Stress-Effect polyamide front and rear bumper
  • Ultra durable steel ball cup-joints
  • Adaptive LSD differentials Front and Center
  • Front/central 90°&120° ramp self locking diffs
  • Planetary rear differential
  • Ackerman plate with ball-bearing
  • Easy gear mesh system
  • Super-Cooling V5 air ventilation system
  • Viper Racing Air Filters with dual layer foam and thermoplastic hose
  • Aerodynamic double rear wing
  • Composite Roll Cage
  • Barracuda G performance exhaust
  • Alloy Manifold
  • Alloy Rose-joints
  • Wide range of MCD Tyre options
  • Wide range of shock spring options
  • Adjustable CG
  • Adjustable weight distribution
  • Molded fuel tank with shake absorbing separators
  • Fully composite body accessories
  • Alloy hinge-pin holders
  • Drive and shock shaft boot
Length : 1010 mm
Width : 480 mm
Overall height : 375 mm
Ground clearance : 25-42 mm
Weight : 14.6kg (depending on equipment installed)
Wheelbase : 610-620 mm (adjustable)
Trackwidth : 410mm
Chassis material : 7075 Anodized T6 Alloy (4mm)
Suspension : Non-parallel non-line independent
Caster angle : 8°(6° - 10° adjustable)
Camber angle : Adjustable
Toe angle : In-board and out-board adjustable
Anti-squat : 3°(adjustable)
Rear-squat : 5°
Dive, Anti-dive : 6°-10°(adjustable)
Kick-up : 8°-10°(adjustable)
Shock absorber : Coil-over Oil-filled Internal High Pressure Cell
Transmission : Full-Time 4WD 3-Diff Shaft Driven
Gear ratio : 7,2:1 (18 available 7,2:1 to 10,67:1)
Tyre size : 65 x 160 mm
Required for operation (not included): Engine, 2 ch. Radio, steering servo and throttle/break servos

Some parts (engine and radio gear) shown on the pictures are for photographing purposes only and not included in the car. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change and modify some properties of products such as colors of wheels, tire patterns, compound of tires without notification.

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