New Items from MCD Racing

Posted by Rik Stiles on 7/18/2018 to News
New Items from MCD Racing
The wait is almost over for the most eagerly anticipated MCD Racing release this year! 

The X-Snap 2-Speed automatic transmission takes largescale RC to whole new level. Expect massively increased speed and acceleration from this ultimate tune-up but also full control over the shift point to ensure your keep the engine "In the Zone". On test, the X-Snap increases performance so much that it brings the petrol engine powered version of the car virtually in line with the Electric version, and that's saying something! 

Buying the X-Snap involves a couple of choices to ensure you get the correct set-up for your car. The choices are:
  • Gear Set - Choose from On-Road or Off-Road. XS5 and XR5 models would require the On-Road Gear set whilst RR5 and W5 models would require the Off-Road Set.
  • Clutch Bell Set - Choose from Standard or Pro-Bite. Standard will be the most common choice as it suits all standard clutches from Zenoah, CY etc and all tuning clutches from FG, Elcon, Tourex etc. Pro-Bite is specifically designed for the MCD Racing Pro-Bite performance clutch and will not fit any other system. 

Once both choices are made, you will be at a total of £329.99 TBC for the complete set. Not bad money considering the contents of the kit and the fact that it includes the Alloy Gear Carrier which retails at £113.95  and an alloy upper brake plate that retails for £53.95.

Fully compatible with all MCD Racing 5 Series cars including Competition, FT, MAX and Ultimate versions of the RR5, XR5,XS5 and W5 models. 

If you want to be one of the first to own this amazing new tune-up please show your interest by clicking the "Put me on the waiting list" button - no deposit or payment is required!

Please Note: All quoted prices are TBC although we don't expect them to change.

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