Servonaut Release the all new G22 ESC for RC Trucks
Servonaut G22 ESC

As many of you will have used the mighty S22 electronic speed controller (ESC) before I shouldn't need to harp on too much about the exceptional quality and smooth precise control that they offer. Instead lets stick to whats different about this new G22 and why its such an important new release to the Servonaut line-up.
Key Additional Features Include:
  • Cruise Control - Servonaut Cruise Control is not new, but it is at this price! If you have not experienced it before you will love it, simply set your speed and the truck will continue up and down hills with no acceleration or deceleration.
  • Gear Shift - When combined with Servonaut sound systems, the G22 will automatically simulate gearshifts (4 with cruise control, 3 in manual) for a truly authentic scale experience.   This is an industry first!
  • EMK Brake -  No more will your beloved truck run away down hill! With the new EMK drag brake the G22 will automatically apply a small braking force to stop your truck accelerating out of control.
Is this the best ESC for RC Trucks? we certainly think so!

Suitable for all RC trucks due to a wide input voltage and robust output current. Operates on all battery types.

For full specifications click on the image above.