Reactive Racing

Reactive engines use the very latest tuning techniques to bring you power like never before!

We at KCR used our wealth of largescale experience together with "Oddified" who is undoubtedly the best engine tuner in the world, to produce the Reactive engine range. This close working relationship between two titans of the sport has brought you not only the best range of tuned engines anywhere in the world but amazingly low prices!

Unlike most tuned engines, Reactive engines are not tuned for peak power as it is of no use in a single speed vehicle. We do not have the luxury of a gearbox to keep the engine in that sweet spot. Instead, we tune it to produce massive power over a wide rpm range meaning you have power everywhere. As soon as you drive a Reactive engine you will realize that no matter what speed you hit the gas, it responds with serious grunt.

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Reactive Racing Pro 31.8cc Works Tuned Race Engine. 8HP
£529.99 (£441.66 exc VAT)
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Reactive Racing Pro 28.5cc Works Tuned Race Engine. 7.0HP
£514.96 (£429.13 exc VAT)
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Reactive Racing Pro 25.4cc Works Tuned Race Engine.
£499.99 (£416.66 exc VAT)
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Reactive Racing V2 25.4cc Works Tuned Race Engine. 6.5HP
£429.98 (£358.32 exc VAT)
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Reactive Racing Exhaust Port Cover. 1pc
£7.00 (£5.83 exc VAT)
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