Servonaut M24 ESC with Cruise Control and Lights
Servonaut M24 ESC with Cruise Control ad Lights

Servonaut M24 ESC with Cruise Control and Lights

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The Successor to the ever popular M20+, all new features and many improvements:

  • Speed controller with lighting system for trucks and functional models / vehicles
  • Further development of the M20 + with 4A S-BEC and deactivatable cruise control
  • improved lighting system with xenon and incandescent effects, multibus compatible
  • equally suitable for conventional engines and bell anchors
  • Output power 20A / 5min, clock frequency 16 kHz or 32kHz
  • Supply voltage: 7.2 or 12 V NiMH, 2s or 3s Lipo
  • Switching Regulator Receiver Supply (S-BEC) 5.3V and 4A
  • Protective functions for overload, temperature, undervoltage
  • 6 switching functions: Stands / driving lights, 2x turn signals, brake lights, reversing lights
  • Switching capacity 700 mA, switching voltage is equal to the supply voltage
  • Control outputs for a servo (fifth wheel) and a Servonaut sound module
  • CARD interface for the following settings: Cruise control on / off, combined mode, incandescent effect, xenon effect, turn signal in reverse, starting aid, acceleration, braking effect, 32kHz for bell armature motor, parking light brightness, turn signal brightness.
  • Module comes with default setting (cruise control) - different settings require a Servonaut CARD or HS12.
  • requires 2 receiver channels
  • Dimensions: 80 x 43 x 13 mm.
  • PTO / Manual Engine Control - Use in conjunction with any Servonaut Sound Unit SM3,SM7 etc. Manually control the engine RPM without driving the motor.

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