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Tamiya MFU Multi Function Unit for Tractor Trucks MFC-01 #56511
Tamiya MFU Multi Function Unit for Tractor Trucks MFC-01 #56511

Tamiya MFU Multi Function Unit for Tractor Trucks MFC-01 #56511

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Tamiya Tractor Truck Multi Function Unit MFC-01
Part Number: 56511
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Tamiya presents incredible sound and action options for any 1/14 scale R/C Tractor Truck with the all R/C Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit. This system, when mounted on the truck is located inside the cabin with speaker to the front and the MFC-01 unit to the rear. The control unit is mounted inside the left tool box for easy access.

An ESC has been built in to the unit, enabling realistic running at very low speeds.

By using your transmitter sticks and the trims you can control the truck movements (forward/backward running and turns), horn, motorized support legs (Item #56505) (sold separately), headlights, position lamps, roof lamps and speed indicators. You can also activate the back lamp, tail lamps and blinkers/hazard lamps as well as engine revving.

  • 20 LEDs for 9 light functions. All lamps employed with the multi function unit are high brightness type
  • They are employed to reproduce headlights, position lamps, roof lamps, speed indicators, fog lamps, back lamp, tail lamps and blinkers/hazard lamps, which can be turned on/off with the transmitter
  • White LED - Headlights, Fog lamps, Position lamps, and Back lamp
  • Orange LED - Roof lamps, Blinkers, Hazard lamps, and Speed indicators
  • Red LED - Tail lamps
  • 24 Radio-Controlled Sound Effects The multi function unit offers 24 radio-controlled sounds that have been digitally recorded from an actual tractor truck
  • Engine- Engine starter, Idling, Revving, Running with semi-trailer, Running without semi-trailer, and Engine stop
  • Air - Air dryer, Up-shifting, Down-shifting, Air discharging 1, Air discharging 2, Short horn, Continuous horn, and Parking brake
  • Electric Sounds - Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Turn signal 1, Turn signal 2, Hazard, and Back alarm
  • Exhaust brake - Exhaust brake
  • Brakes - Brakes
  • Coupler - Coupler attachment, Coupler detachment
  • The vibration unit realistically vibrates the truck in time with the engine sounds
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • The Multi Function Unit includes an electronic speed control suitable for the standard motor supplied with the trucks

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