The all new MCD Racing X-Snap 2 Speed Transmission in finally here!

If you want to add some serious speed to any MCD 5 Series model, look no further. This beautifully engineered transmission system will fit all MCD Racing 5 Series cars including RR5 Buggy, XR5 Rally, XS5 Sports Car and the W5 Short Course Truck. 

The masters at MCD Racing have worked tirelessly to bring you this amazing new product, countless hours at the track to test the durability and countless more to make sure the gear ratios were optimal. The net result is an amazing product that really delivers. Fit the X-Snap transmission and watch as your favorite RC car takes on a whole new world of power and speed. 

Why buy one? 
Single speed transmission systems are always a compromise, make a change to the gear ratio to improve acceleration and you loose top speed, make a change to improve top speed and you loose acceleration - Not any more, now you can have your cake and eat it!

There are only two choices to make when buying the X-Snap transmission:

  1. Choose your gear ratio? On-Road for XR5 and XS5 models, OR Off-Road for RR5 and W5 models.
  2. Choose you clutch bell? If you have a Pro-Bite clutch, choose the Pro-Bite Clutch Bell. If not, choose standard.

Good value? in a word, Yes! Consider the cost of an alloy gear carrier plate at £113.95 and an alloy Upper Brake Plate at £53.95 which are included in this kit, take these away and you are paying less than £170 for the two speed conversion, its a bargain!