Zenoah 26cc Repair Kit for G200PU/260PU Aero Engines

Zenoah 26cc Repair Kit for G200PU/260PU Aero Engines

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Part Number:X374320099
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This ignition repair kit includes a smaller sized silicone cap, which fits underneath a metal shield. This can be used to repair a coil that might otherwise need to be replaced and the metal shield provides a reduction in radio interference from the ignition, which is useful for may R/C applications. 

Includes all necessary hardware for installation, as pictured.

Zenoah part # x374320099 

Works on virtually gas powered engine we sell, and many others as well.

Zenoah G230RC/G260RC/G270RC/G290RC/G231PUM/G260PUM/G290PUM/G200/G43L etc.

CY CY23RC/CY26RC/CY29RC/GP290/F270/GP460/Fuelie/ etc

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