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MCD Racing One Way Differential #200104X
MCD Racing One Way Differential #200104X

MCD Racing One Way Differential #200104X

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Part Number: 200104X
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The new MCD Racing One Way Differential is now available. Tested on tracks since 2018 and has proven itself at the highest level of competition. The launch of this product was delayed until the new Hydrax Disc Brakes were complete as they work together perfectly. 

Why buy the new one way diff?  We get asked this a lot and this is the best answer - "Accelerate like a 4WD, corner like a 2WD"  The One way diff only locks up when you are accelerating, as soon as you let the throttle off it realeses and freewheels like a 2WD, at this point the front wheels are effectively no longer connected to the transmission giving greatly improved steering. This is where the brakes come in - now that the front wheels are freewheeling into a corner braking at the centre diff can give some unexpected results, mainly loss of stability causing the car to rotate and loose control similar to a handbrake skid. On dirt it has been proven that this drift style of driving can be effective but for most tracks and surfaces (and skill levels!) it can be hard to control. This is why we recommend using the Hydrax brakes with this product.

Note: It is also possible to mount the one way diff in the center which works as a locked diff when accelerating. When you release the throttle the front and rear work as an open diff.

Required for use:
  • MCD Diff output cups
  • MCD Diff Crown gear 39T or 37T Overdrive
These items can simply be removed from your existing diff and fitted to the new one way diff but are not included in the scope of this sale.

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